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The Most Qualifiied Concierge Team in the Middle East

The Concierge team at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay has three officially recognised Les Clefs d’Or members. This ranks the Hotel as the most qualifiied concierge team in the Middle East.

Khalil Al Yaman, Saleha Al Wazzan and Ali Radhi wear their golden Les Clefs d’Or badges proudly. The trio now comprise the Middle East’s most heralded Concierge team. No other hotel in the region has three Les Clefs d’Or concierge members. “We are really honoured to have three Les Clefs d’Or members that present Hotel guests the very best insights into exploring extraordinary Bahrain,” says Richard Raab, General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay.

Spearheaded by Chef Concierge Khalil Al Yaman, the dynamic Concierge team is made up of dedicated individuals that have each attained titles that had not previously been achieved in Bahrain. Khalil Al Yaman is the founder and re-elected President of the Bahrain Hotels Concierge Group. Saleha Al Wazzan, Concierge Agent, is the first female Bahraini Les Clefs d’Or concierge member. Ali Radhi, Concierge Supervisor, received the coveted golden Les Clefs d’Or keys last year, making him the first Bahraini national to accomplish this amazing feat.

In the 198’s, Four Seasons was the first hotel company to introduce European-style concierge services to North America, employing concierges company-wide and setting a new standard for hotel services in the process. Four Seasons offered a 24-hour service to accommodate the busy traveller.

As the luxury hospitality industry focuses on presenting guests effortless travel experiences, Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay has the three golden keys, to ensure every traveller leaves Bahrain with many wonderful memories of their stay.