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The Cyber Security Forum will take place in Kharkiv

The Cyber Security Forum and All-Ukrainian Hackers Battle will be held in Kharkiv on October, 7 at the «Fabrika.Space».

14232375_598449290326480_6518225612828630209_nHackIT is the most prominent event for hackers and highly qualified computer specialists. The goal of the event is to identify problems and solutions in a constant information warfare, and to prepare highly qualified specialists, which is an important strategic direction for both private organizations and for Ukraine as a whole.

Keynote speakers:

Andrew Auernheimer, Wandering prophet, Kharkov, Ukraine

Nick Bilogorskiy, Founding team at Cyphort, San Francisco, USA

Alfonso De Gregorio, Founder of Zeronomicon, Milan, Italy

Alex Starov, Security & Privacy Researcher, PragSec Lab, New York, USA

Nick Klymenko, CTO, Spinbackup, Odessa, Ukraine

Aleksey Yasinskiy, Head of Cyber Lab / ISSP, Kyiv, Ukraine

Andrew Dodson, Lead research engineer for Elysium Industries

Vitaly Balashov, Head of Digital Forensics lab

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