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The Best Countries to Relocate to in 2022

The rise of flexible working has given people the freedom to pick where and how they work. This has allowed people to move abroad, set up their home in a new town and still clock into the virtual office. Packaging experts RAJA UK have ranked some of the top 25 cities in the world on 10 factors including affordability, employment rate and wellbeing to find the best places to relocate to. Not to mention, the top 11 countries that will actually pay you to move there.

The top 11 places that will pay you to move there

There are numerous places around the world that have schemes in place to tempt people to move there to boost their population and stimulate their economy. These schemes can include a monetary incentive, home or land at a discounted price or money to start a business.

  • Ireland is offering the most money for entrepreneurs to move there and start a business (nearly £150,000).
  • New Zealand town Kaitangata is enticing people to move there by gifting a quarter acre of land worth £120,338
    Chile – £23,000: Start a business in Chile and you can get up to £23,000 in funding to build your start-up. And with a rent score of 9 and the cost of an average dish being £6.45.
  • Switzerland – £20,000: Get paid to live in a village in Switzerland? You can earn nearly £20,000 per person (or double that for couples) to live there for 10 years. Switzerland also ranked the highest on both the employability and wellbeing scores.
  • Canada – £11,500: Study at one of the pre-approved universities in Canada and you can enjoy over £11,500 in tax returns, as well as all the natural landscape that Canada is famous for.
  • Greece – £5,000 A island Greek is offering just over £5,000 a year to move to the island.
  • Italy – £2,000: Receive nearly £2,000 to live in a little Italian village that’s only an hour drive from Naples.

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The best countries to move to find your next job or become your own boss

Ensuring you have a job when you get to a new city is always a top priority. The relocation index reveals the employment rate for each city and what the average monthly wage (after tax) is, to help you decide where to move to.

  • Mauritius has the highest employment rate score (10), meaning you could finish work and head to the beach.
  • Zurich offers the best overall outlook with the highest overall employment score (10), the highest average wage per month (£5,327) and a high employment rate score (8).
  • The UK earns itself second place on the list, with an overall employment score of 6. With an impressive employment rate score of 7, residents have a good chance of landing a job and employees can enjoy a high average monthly wage (£3,038).
  • In joint third place are Berlin, Germany and Austin, United States. While Germany has a higher employment rate than Austin, you can make more money in Austin (around £3,978 per month).
  • With an employment rate score of 5 in Copenhagen, you’ll have a good chance of finding a job in yur field. Plus, with decent average wages of £2,803 per month.
  • Paris also scored a 5 for overall employment. And with an average wage of £2,522 per month, you can make the most of the French capital city.

The most affordable cities to live in

There’s no point moving to a new country if you can’t afford to enjoy everything that the place has to offer. We looked at the scores for cost of living, average rent, cost of a pint and cost of the national dish, so you can gauge how your bills will look in a new city.

  • Delhi in India ranks the highest for its overall affordability score (10), achieving the highest score of 10 across all metrics apart from the cost of the national dish (for which it scored 9).
  • Avoid Hong Kong if affordability is the most important factor for you, as this city came in last with an overall affordability score of 1. For example, a meal and a pint can rack up a bill of £42.13.
  • Chiang Mai has more than just sunny weather and lush forests to offer. It is also the winner for the cheapest meal, which will set you back as little as £1.55. It also scored 9 for both the cost of living and average cost of rent.
  • Up next is Nairobi in Kenya, which scored 9s for cost of living, average rent and cost of the national dish, as well as an impressive 10 for cost of a pint of beer.
  • Venture to São Paulo if you want a low cost of living (scoring 9) and low rent (9) – the average rent will eat up only £318 of your paycheque.
  • Looking for a meal and pint that costs less than £7.50? Look no further than Saint Petersburg in Russia, which scored an impressive 9 for overall affordability.
  • Enjoy the warm weather and impressive vistas that Cape Town is known for, as well as a low cost of living (scoring 9).