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Ukrainian Airlines

SkyUp Announces Summer 2021 Shedule

SkyUp announces the summer 2021 schedule- 21 countries from continental Europe to the Middle East, at least three-fold more routes from Kyiv and regions, convenient flight schedules. To create the best travel experience for our passengers, we’re constantly working to become even more comfortable and dynamic.

New and favorite travel destinations

SkyUp strives to integrate traveling into the lifestyle of Ukrainians. Therefore, the airline is opening not only new destinations but also cities in the countries of arrival.

In addition to the already familiar and loved destinations such as France, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Georgia, Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Armenia, Albania, Turkey, Israel, the airline is preparing to start operating flights to Portugal, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Jordan, Sweden, Serbia, the Netherlands, and Slovakia.

Let yourself see more

An important addition to the variety of destinations will be the variety of cities in the countries of destination. SkyUp will offer an opportunity to arrive at one airport and return to Ukraine from another.

When booking a trip, you will choose what fits you best – take roundtrip tickets or book a separate arrival at one airport, and the flight home from another.

Fly from Kyiv and from the regions

In the summer program 2021, SkyUp has already planned more than 60 routes, of which 50% are not only from Kyiv, but also from the regions. The reason is that mobility in movement should not be a luxury, but accessible to everyone.

The Airline’s plans include flights from Zaporizhzhia to Georgia, Greece, Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, and Cyprus. From Lviv to Georgia, Greece, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, France, and Israel. From Kharkiv to Georgia, Greece, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, and Cyprus. From Odesa to Georgia, Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, Armenia, and the Netherlands.