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SkyUp Airlines Becomes the First Operator of Split Scimitar® Winglets in Ukraine

Aviation Partners Boeing (APB) announced today that Ukraine’s SkyUp Airlines has become the first operator in Ukraine of its latest Split Scimitar Winglet technology. Installations have now been completed on two Boeing Next-Generation 737-700s and six 737-800s. Aviation Partners’ latest Winglet design, the Split Scimitar Winglet, retrofits the existing Blended Winglets with new aerodynamic Scimitar tips while adding a large ventral strake, further increasing airplane efficiency.

“SkyUp is not only establishing itself as a leading charter and scheduled airline in Ukraine, but is now taking steps to become the most fuel efficient, environmentally friendly and technologically advanced,” says Aviation Partners Boeing director of sales and marketing Christopher Stafford. “After a thorough evaluation of the Split Scimitar Winglet System, SkyUp clearly recognized the enhanced performance and improvement to the operating economics of its Boeing Next-Generation 737 fleet.” 

The Split Scimitar Winglet modification reduces Boeing Next-Generation 737 block fuel consumption by up to an additional 2.2% over Blended Winglets. Annually, Split Scimitar Winglets will save SkyUp Airlines over 225,000 liters of fuel, and a corresponding 568 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, per aircraft. Additionally, the Split Scimitar Winglet System can increase payload capability by 1.2 tonnes on SkyUp’s longest routes.

“We are proud to be the first in Ukraine to fly Split Scimitar Winglets. Such an upgrade gives a further opportunity to save fuel and allows for performing more distant flights. In addition, the airplane with Split Scimitar Winglets has better aerodynamics, demonstrates improved stability in flight and softness when landing. We focus on long-term progress. Therefore, SkyUp Airlines pays attention to both its own development and the growth of the airline industry in Ukraine,” said Yevhen Khaynatsky, CEO of SkyUp Airlines.

Since launching the Boeing Next-Generation 737 Split Scimitar Winglet program APB has taken orders and options for over 2,200 systems, and over 1,200 aircraft are now operating with the technology. APB estimates that its products have reduced aircraft fuel consumption worldwide by over 9.7 billion gallons to-date, thereby saving over 102 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. 

Aviation Partners Boeing is a Seattle based joint venture of Aviation Partners, Inc. and The Boeing Company.

Based in Kiev, SkyUp is a Ukrainian carrier registered as SkyUp LLC. The airline was introduced as a new national airline in 2017. The airline operates as a charter and scheduled carrier and commenced operations on 21-May-2018 using Boeing 737NG aircraft on domestic and international services.