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SkyUp Airlines

Sky Up Hires Flight Attendants in Odesa

Dreaming of a career in the sky? Then it’s a match. SkyUp is forming a team of flight attendants for the SkyUp base in Odesa. Send us your CVs and come on 12 August to get acquainted.

Odesa is one of the important destinations on the map of the domestic and international routes of SkyUp Airlines. The current program covers Batumi, Yerevan, Heraklion, Kyiv, Istanbul, Tbilisi, Tivat, Kharkiv.

Event description

On 12 August, SkyUp hold an acquaintance meeting at which we’ll tell you about ourselves and plan to get to know the candidates better. Let’s start with a presentation of the company, as well as arrange selection tasks and interviews.

Who are our candidates

It’s not necessary to have experience as a flight attendant, SkyUp’ll teach you everything. However, there are basic eligibility criteria. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with them in more detail before submitting your resume.

SkyUp contacts all applicants about the result of the resume consideration. Those who receive an invitation to the presentation, will be additionally informed of the time and place of the event.

SkyUp also recently launched the SkyUpChampions programme for our flight attendants, which helps to improve the level of comfort and efficiency of work. It consists of three components: a new uniform, healthy eating on board, and professional training.