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Silpo Supermarkets Are Among Europe’s Most Innovative Retailers

Every year the European retail supermarket Magazine (ESM) compiles a list of Europe’s Finest Store and selects the most impressive innovative store design concepts. In 2020, the ESM editorial board selected 29 best stores in Europe, and the “Silpo” supermarket became the only Ukrainian retailer whose stores were included in the list.

“For the fourth time, “Silpo” represents Ukraine on the European map of innovative design retail concepts in Europe. Each time we create a new thematic design of the supermarket, we strive to tell an interesting story so that the buying process gives joy and positive emotions. And our strategy has not gone unnoticed by the international retail community, ” said Kateryna Oguryaeva, “Silpo” Marketing Director.

Europe’s Finest Store 2020 includes the following three “Silpo” supermarkets:

“Silpo” in Van Gogh style, Kyiv
“Silpo” in Mavka style, Kyiv
“Silpo” for cat lovers, Kyiv