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Restaurants in Ukraine Are the Cheapest in Europe

Food and drinks in restaurants in Zurich were on average more expensive than anywhere else in the world. It is the world’s most expensive city to eat out. These data are presented in the rating of the restaurant prices Restaurant Price Index 2020 global database Numbeo.

Restaurants in Copenhagen are the most expensive in Europe Union, Copenhagen took 10th place. It is ahead of 5 Swiss cities (Zurich, Lausanne, Basel, Geneva and Bern) and 3 Norwegian (Stavanger, Oslo and Bergen) and Icelandic Reykjavik.

In total, the rating considers 440 cities from around the world. The least expensive city to eat in the world out is Thiruvananthapuram, India. The cheapest food in Europe is in Ternopil and Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine (406 and 409 places).

Restaurant price ratings are part of the Cost of Living Index, which Numbeo also makes. In addition to the cost of food and drinks in restaurants and cafes, it includes the cost of renting a house, a grocery basket in a store and other indicators.