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Reconstruction Plans for Historic Elektron Factory Buildings Unveiled in Lviv

Lviv’s chief architect, Anton Kolomeitsev, has revealed plans to reconstruct the buildings of the Elektron factory situated at 25a, 25b, and 27 Storozhenka Street during a recent meeting of the executive committee of the Lviv City Council. The announcement, reported by Tvoye Misto, outlines the transformation of these currently dilapidated structures.

The three buildings, which are presently in a state of disrepair and unused after serving as administrative offices, are slated for a comprehensive redevelopment initiative. The proposed project involves expanding the inner courtyard while repurposing the exterior for modern-day usage.

Specifically, the Storozhenka Street-facing side will feature apartment rentals, while the internal sections will be designated for residential purposes. A significant portion of the area will be allocated for rental apartments, comprising 42% of the space, equating to 26 units. Meanwhile, the remaining 58% will accommodate residential apartments, totaling 20 units. The building designated for apartment rentals will span five floors, while the residential structure will encompass six floors.

Crucially, Kolomeitsev emphasized the preservation of the buildings’ historic facades, intending to seamlessly integrate them into the architectural fabric of the street. This preservation effort underscores the commitment to honoring Lviv’s rich cultural heritage while simultaneously revitalizing urban spaces for contemporary use.

The proposed reconstruction project represents a significant step forward in Lviv’s urban renewal efforts, breathing new life into historically significant structures and fostering vibrant, livable communities for residents and visitors alike.

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