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PrivatBank and Payoneer Launched the “Payment Request” Function

PrivatBank and Payoneer have launched the “payment request” function, which allows you to request payment for services provided.

“As soon as you fill in the details of your request, we will send your customer an email on your behalf with information about the payment method. Your client can choose the desired payment method and send funds directly to your Payoneer account,” the press service quoted Maria Strashko, Head of Transfers, as saying.

As reported, at the beginning of May, Payoneer and PrivatBank launched integration in the Privat24 mobile application.

At the same time, it was clarified that the integration provides an opportunity to register through Privat24, authorize in the Payoneer service from the banking application, as well as to link an account, and view debit transactions through PrivatBank.

Users can withdraw funds from Payoneer to cards and accounts of individuals and business owners and deposit funds 24 hours a day online for individuals and from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm during the working week for business owners.

The integration also provides an opportunity to avoid correspondent bank fees for SWIFT payments from Payoneer.