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Poltava Airport to go international

Poltava Airport to go international in near future. Built in 1924, Poltava airport was once able to process 200 passengers per hour.  Now the airport is only used for charter flights.

Poltava_AirportJuly 4, Andrey Pesotsky, Poltava’s vice-governor, held a meeting to discuss the development of “Airport Poltava.” Larisa Onischuk, acting Head of Infrastructure Management and Tourism, Yuri Kolesnik, acting Manager of “Airport-Poltava” and leading travel agents of Poltava were present at the meeting.

Poltava Airport soon will meet all requirements of the Transport and Infrastructure Ministry, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade to receive international status, said Andrey Pesotsky. After that, according to Pesotsky, “we will need to think about destinations”.

The most promising domestic destination for the Poltava Airport is Lviv. As for international flights- Bulgaria and Poland could be popular, as well as Turkey and Egypt. Tourism business representatives noted that now it is impossible to make a accurate forecast of what will be in demand. It requires a clear consolidation with cities like Kremenchug, Sumy based on the total number of passengers.  International flights will be major breakthrough for the Poltava region.

When talking about how much famous throughout the world Poltava is, the leading position is certainly taken by the Battle of Poltava 1709, which has been the epoch-making event of pan-European significance taking place near Poltava. Today, thousands of tourists come to the Poltava Battle Field Museum to get in touch with history and commemorate the fallen compatriots.

Sorochynsky Fair, large fair held in the village of Velyki Sorochyntsi near Poltava attracting visitors from all over the world by traditional handicrafts and cultural programm. Among more than half a million people attending the Fair there are up to 30 delegations from countries near and far abroad, representatives of the diplomatic missions accredited in Ukraine, more than 300 journalists of print and electronic media, political leaders and other visiting dignitaries.

Mirgorod is famous for it’s health resorts (at least four). Mirgorod Kurort has occasional visitors from the UK, Germany, France, Dubai, the U.S. and Canada but most popular among tourist from Azerbaijan.

Hadiach is one of the main points of interest to Hasidic Jews due to the tomb of  Shneur Zalman of Liadi.


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