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New Tourist Route Will Be Opened in the Odesa Region

The local authorities in Odessa region promise to open a tourist route to visit the White Lake in the near future. This was announced to journalists by Yuriy Kruk, the head of the Odesa District Military Administration.

According to him, currently, the possibility of launching a small fleet on the Dniester and Turunchuk rivers is being considered. It is planned that this issue will be resolved in the near future.

We are talking about three routes, including the route between the settlements of Yasky and Mayaky, to the Turunchuk-Dniester junction with the possibility of accessing the White Lake. According to him, certain conditions and restrictions will apply to tourists and entrepreneurs operating on these routes. Currently, the relevant documents are being developed by the authorities in collaboration with the military and border guards.

What is known about the White Lake in the Odesa region

The White Lake is located in the Odesa District of Odesa Oblast, in the delta of the Dniester River. It has a length of about 1.7 km and a width of 0.8 km, with a total area of 1.3 sq km. The lake is connected to the Dniester River through a channel and its tributary, Turunchuk.

Once it had a larger area and was the largest lake in the Dniester Delta, but due to sedimentation from the Turunchuk waters, it acquired a slightly elongated shape and began to overgrow. Shrubs have formed along its shores, and the mineralization of the water has significantly increased. Currently, it is the third largest lake in the Dniester Delta.

The White Lake is a unique habitat where rare plant species grow (a total of 65 species of aquatic and coastal plants). It is also a nesting site for a variety of birds.

The lake received its name from the white water lily (water lily) that adorns the water body.