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New Low-Cost to Launch in Ukraine

The new Ukrainian low-cost carrier Bees Airline expects to launch at the end of 2020. The company will be based at Kyiv Airport (Zhulyany).

Bees Airline intends to operate in two segments: charter and low cost.

Bees will launch its first flights to Egypt and will start operating as a charter carrier. Now the company has signed contracts with two tour operators (one of them is Tez Tour Ukraine).

The start of flights depends on how quickly we get the operator’s certificate. If before December 22, then we will launch charter flights for the holidays. If not, then we will fly around January 15th, ”says Yevgeny Khainatsky, Bees Airline shareholder representative.

Batumi, Georgia is among possible summer destinations.

Bees Airline currently owns two leased Boeing 737-800s, previously used by UIA. The company plans to take two more next year, and in 2022 intends to expand to 6 aircraft in the fleet.