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Music Ban on Public Transport in Ukraine Comes into Force on October 7

Since October 7, Russian music has been banned in the media space and public places in Ukraine. Tomorrow, law 2310-IX on supporting the national musical product and restricting the public use of the musical product of the aggressor state, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on June 19, will come into force.

This document also prohibits the so-called acoustic violence in passenger transport. That is, drivers of buses and minibuses are prohibited from turning on music, films, or other sound signals in the cabin, except for information about the trip.

This applies both to urban transport and to suburban, intercity, and international routes.

In a taxi, you can turn on music only with the consent of all passengers.

Passengers are also not allowed to listen to music loudly, the driver has the right to drop off the violator of the silence.