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Museum of Ukrainian Cossacks

Museum of Ukrainian Cossacks Damaged in Odesa

Russian drones damaged the Museum of Ukrainian Cossacks in Odesa. The explosive wave partially destroyed the ceiling, and the remnants could collapse at any moment. The museum cannot continue its activities, and the unique collection is currently at risk. The building from the past century has never undergone major repairs, so these damages could become critical.

Museum staff have already dismantled the exhibition and started work to dismantle the emergency ceiling. According to estimates, the cost of repairs will be around 40,000 hryvnias. The museum operates on funds from a non-governmental organization, and there is no money for restoration. The museum administration is urging public to help the museum, as it is a community-based institution and exists thanks to donations.

The Museum of Ukrainian Cossacks has gathered over 1,000 valuable exhibits that reveal the history of Cossack development in Ukraine. The museum’s exhibition area is 120 square meters, featuring a permanent exhibition with dioramas, models of Cossack ships, intricate sculptures, and paintings. In addition, the museum has a unique collection of Cossack costumes.

The Russian army has destroyed the Art museum in Odesa.