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Kharkiv Palace

Multiple Hotels in Ukraine Damaged in Recent Attacks

In a series of devastating events, several hotels in Ukraine have fallen victim to rocket attacks, causing destruction and casualties in different cities.

On January 10, 2024, a Russian rocket attack targeted Park Hotel, a 4-star  in the heart of Kharkiv. The assault destroyed the hotel and left 10 people injured. Additionally, on January 2, Kharkiv Palace, a 5-star luxury landmark hotel also located in Kharkiv, faced a similar fate, further intensifying the toll on the city’s hospitality sector. The adjacent Kharkiv Hotel also sustained damage.

Optima Collection Kharkiv was also damaged in October 2023.

The destructive trend extends beyond Kharkiv, as Hotel Odesa in Odesa was reportedly destroyed in September 2023. In a separate incident in March 2022, Chernigiv in Ukraine experienced a missile strike, adding to the growing list of damaged properties.

Hotel Optima Zaporizhzhia temporarily suspended its work due to massive attack in August 2023.

Furthermore, on December 21, 2023, the demolition of the structurally compromised Ukraine Hotel began. While a demolition plan is in place, uncertainties linger regarding the feasibility of preserving parts of the building, leaving open the possibility of a complete dismantling down to its foundation.

Despite the tragic losses, there are also signs of resilience. In the capital, Kyiv, efforts to rebuild have been underway, with Alfavito Hotel Kyiv, a hotel that suffered rocket bombardment, being restored. The hotel, located near the Palats Ukraina metro station, was struck by a missile on December 31, 2022.

The international community closely watches the evolving situation in Ukraine, expressing concern and calling for a peaceful resolution to prevent further harm to civilians and their livelihoods.