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Ministry Initiates Reforms in International Passenger Transport Sector

The Ministry of Community Development, Territories, and Infrastructure has embarked on a comprehensive reform of the international passenger transport sector to enhance the quality of services and offerings for travelers.

Upon the decision of the relevant Commission, 280 international routes have been closed:

  • Routes lacking proper permits from Poland: 118
  • Routes leading to Russia: 140
  • Routes to Poland for which carriers submitted closure requests: 22

Deputy Minister of Community Development, Territories, and Infrastructure, Sergiy Derkach, explained that the first step involves verifying all international routes to compile an up-to-date list. This assessment aims to gain an accurate understanding of transportation situations and plan border-crossing bus services accordingly.

Moreover, the verification process isn’t solely about accuracy; it also creates opportunities for market expansion. The presence of a particular route only on paper can prevent other carriers from opening that route and providing related services.

Following the verification of routes to Poland, similar work will extend to routes leading to other countries. Particular attention will be given to routes traversing temporarily occupied territories, which might not be fully operational or might require modifications. In such cases, carriers are expected to approach the Ministry with requests for route cancellations or amendments.

This reform reflects the government’s commitment to enhancing passenger transportation services and ensuring efficient operations within the international transport sector. By streamlining and verifying routes, the Ministry aims to not only provide improved services for passengers but also stimulate healthy competition and market growth. Through these measures, Ukraine’s international transportation landscape is poised to become more organized, efficient, and in line with global standards.