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Kyiv Sikorsky Airport to Undergo Massive Reconstruction

The reconstruction of the airfield of Kyiv Sikorsky International Airport (Zhuliany) will be held in 2021-2025, follows from the order of Kyiv City State Administration.

According to the order, work begins on a large-scale reconstruction of the Kyiv airport airfield, which includes the lengthening of the runway by 500 meters (up to 2,810 meters), the construction of new taxiways, aprons, lighting equipment, etc.

The airport’s website notes that the project provides for an increase in the class of the aerodrome and will allow accepting aircraft at a minimum CAT II category of ICAO.

“The reconstruction of the airfield will allow accepting aircraft with a greater passenger capacity than now, such as Airbus A321, therefore, will allow reducing the number of flights with an increased passenger traffic,” the statement says.

The first stage of this project, according to the airport, is the development of design estimates for the facility. The source of financing for this stage of the project is the money of the airport. Further financing of work on the reconstruction of the airfield will be carried out at the expense of budgetary or borrowed funds. The exact amount of funds required for the reconstruction and their sources will be determined after the completion of the design phase.