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Kharkiv International Airport

Kharkiv International Airport Launches Passport Verification with Diia App

Kharkiv International Airport has introduced a new passenger service on domestic flights. From now on, digital ID cards and biometric passports as seen in the Diia app will be accepted during pre-flight checkout on all domestic flights. To benefit, you will need to register in the app and check if your documents are available there. The airport staff will be equipped to handle the app’s QR codes. Bear in mind that the documents you present need to be the same as you purchased the airline ticket with.

The Boryspil and Odesa international airports accept Diia, too, so you won’t need paper documents on the flights heading there. The changes do not apply for international flights.

As reported earlier, a COVID-19 testing spot is available in the airport for passengers arriving from the red-zone countries. The tests are processed in accredited laboratories and synced with the Diy Vdoma app. If the result comes out negative, the app notifies the user that they can leave self-isolation.