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JYSK Continues to Operate and Develop in Ukraine

The Scandinavian chain of furniture and decor stores JYSK has revealed plans for further activities in Ukraine. So far, 77 out of 85 chain stores have been opened in Ukraine, which operated until February 24, 2022. In the coming months it is planned to restore the work of some stores and rebuild and even open new ones.

Opening new stores and resuming the work of others

Before the war, JYSK planned to reach 100 stores in Ukraine by the end of 2022. Despite the martial law and significant losses from the destruction and damage of stores, the company continues to gradually implement plans to develop the network.

“Under any circumstances, we aim to restore the operation of all stores that operated at the beginning of hostilities,” says the head of the company. – I will say more, at the beginning of the war the process of opening seven new JYSK stores in different parts of Ukraine was launched. Despite the uncertainty of martial law, the company is already considering the possibility of implementing plans to open some of them.

Thus, this summer JYSK in Ukraine plans to open three stores – on June 16 in Lviv (Fabrik Shopping Center), in July in Chervonohrad (Maidan Shopping Center) and soon after in Rivne (HAPPY mall Shopping Center). This week, the JYSK store in the Retroville shopping center in Kyiv is also reopening.

On June 1, the company resumed operation of the store in Bucha (Retail Park Bucha), which was previously opened on December 16, 2021 in 3.0 format. During the occupation, the store was completely looted, goods were taken away, machinery and equipment were damaged. In particular, damaged glass facades, broken doors to the store and more.

Losses and recovery plans

Last week, as is known, a rocket attack was carried out on the Vostorg shopping center in Kharkiv near the HTZ, where a new JYSK store managed to operate for less than two months. The shopping center has no entrance, a damaged roof, and facade. In general, the store survived and it is planned to prepare it for the resumption of activities in July. What can not say about the JYSK store in Melitopol, which, although intact, was heavily looted – the goods are taken out of the store by trucks.

The total network losses have not been calculated yet, as the company notes that it is too early to draw conclusions at this time. The total losses of the store in Bucha alone amounted to almost 8 million hryvnias. There are completely destroyed shops in Gostomel and Kherson, there are significantly damaged shops in Odessa, Riviera Shopping Center, Retroville Shopping Center in Kyiv, Vostorg Shopping Center in Kharkiv, there are looted shops in Bucha and Melitopol, there are shops in the occupation zone – Nova Kakhovka, Melitopol, Kherson. At the moment, we are talking about tens and tens of millions of hryvnias in losses – this is just the cost of lost inventories, “- commented Country Manager JYSK in Ukraine Eugene Ivanitsa.