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Boryspil Airport

IBI-Rating has withdrawn the credit rating of interest-bearing bonds of SE «IA «Boryspil»

Rating agency IBI-Rating informs on the withdrawal of the long-term credit rating of the interest-bearing bonds of L series of SE «IA «Boryspil» due to their repayment and cancellation by the NSSMC of the registration of the issue of the mentioned securities. At the same time, IBI-Rating continues to support the long-term borrower’s credit rating, which in April of the current year was increased to uaAA+ grade.

The interest-bearing bonds of L series of nominal value of UAH 250m were issued by SE «IA «Boryspil» in 2012 in order to finance the construction of a new terminal complex «D» and parking.

The timely redemption of bonds is another confirmation of a very high level of creditworthiness of SE «IA «Boryspil» , which corresponds to the highest grade of credit rating among Ukrainian corporate issuers.

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