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Green Card

From September 1 “Green Card” Is Available in Electronic Form

Insurers who are full members of the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine, who have the right to conclude international Green Card insurance contracts, will offer car owners the opportunity to conclude such contracts electronically from September 1.

As reported on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Ukraine, the procedure for issuing an electronic “Green Card” will be similar to the conclusion of an internal electronic contract of the State Security Service of Ukraine:

The owner of the vehicle enters the information necessary for concluding the contract into the electronic form on the company’s website. On the basis of the received information, a proposal for the conclusion of an electronic contract is formed and sent to the car owner through electronic communication channels (for example, to the e-mail address specified during registration).

The owner of the vehicle signs an electronic insurance contract through the company’s information system in accordance with the legislation regulating the organizational and legal principles of activity in the field of electronic commerce, and pays the insurance premium to the insurer. Through electronic communication channels, he receives a pdf-file with a generated black-and-white insurance certificate “Green Card”, as well as a visual form of the insurance policy and an information sheet about the need to print out the received insurance certificate.

The MTSBU clarifies that the pdf file of the visual form of the insurance certificate must be printed, as the current rules of the international automobile insurance system “Green Card” require the car owner to present a paper (white-green or black-and-white) version of the international insurance certificate.