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Ernest Airlines

Ernest Airlines Opens Representative Office in Kyiv

Ernest Airlines will celebrate this Summer the opening of its representative office in Kyiv, in the city center. This office will have a dedicated help desk and a ticketing office for the public, and of course, it will have a Ukrainian sales team.

By consolidating its presence in Ukraine, Ernest Airlines demonstrates its goodwill to improve its service for both their clients and the travel agencies that work with them in Ukraine, not only being the only carrier that serves as far as 13 destinations from Ukraine to Italy, but also for the investments they are making in Ukraine/our country.

Ernest Airlines, has, in fact, already invested in the Ukrainian market above €30 Million in the last two years and it will invest above €100 Million in the next two years. 
In 2019 Ernest Airlines, directly and indirectly, this growing airline from Italy is offering a job to many Ukrainians both in Ukraine and in Italy. It is also planning to base 2 Aircraft in Kyiv in the 2020. Such operation will bring even more work opportunities to a greater number of people in Ukraine.

Ernest Airlines has a dedicated call center in Italy with Ukrainian employees that live in Italy and that speak Ukrainian. This year Ernest will open also a Call Center in Ukraine as well, to provide more Ukrainian speaking operators that can assist all passengers more efficiently. Ernest is also hiring more and more crew members that speak Ukrainian, in order to have on all its flights, originating and arriving in Ukraine, flight attendants that can assist the passengers in their mother tongue. 
In 2018 more than 200.000 Ukrainian passengers choose to fly with Ernest between Italy and Ukraine and in 2019 the number of Passengers from and to Ukraine will exceed 500.000 passengers.