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Entry into Ukraine

Entry into Ukraine During Martial Law: Guidelines and Requirements

As martial law takes effect in Ukraine and air traffic remains suspended, it’s crucial for individuals contemplating entry into Ukraine to be well-informed about the current regulations and conditions. While air travel is temporarily on hold, the entry and exit of foreign citizens via land routes are permitted.

Border Checkpoints Status

Checkpoint operations along the borders with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova are open and deemed safe. However, it’s important to note that checkpoints with Russia, Belarus, and Transnistria are currently closed.

We have prepared information about the nearest airports to Ukraine, located as close as possible to the Ukrainian border.

Requirements for Crossing the Border

To cross the state border of Ukraine, individuals must adhere to specific requirements:

  • Possession of a valid passport document (ensuring the passport remains valid for the entire duration of the stay in the country).

    Note: Citizens of Turkey and Georgia have the option to enter Ukraine based on their ID cards.

  • If required, the presence of an entry visa.
  • A valid residence permit, with the condition that its expiration occurred after February 24, 2022, granting the right to enter Ukraine.
  • Mandatory possession of a health insurance policy. All visitors to Ukraine are obligated to have insurance coverage.

Special Considerations for Journalists and Media Representatives

For journalists, reporters, correspondents, opinion leaders, and other media representatives, the Law of Ukraine on Insurance (Article 7) explicitly outlines their obligation to secure insurance coverage.

Additional Recommendations

It is strongly advised that all visitors, regardless of purpose, consider taking out comprehensive medical insurance that includes coverage for military risks throughout their entire stay in Ukraine. This policy offers financial compensation in the unfortunate event of accidents resulting from passive military risks or terrorist acts. This includes arrangements for repatriation in cases of injury or, regrettably, death, ensuring the safe return of the insured person or their remains to their place of permanent residence.

In light of these guidelines and recommendations, individuals planning to visit Ukraine should stay informed about any updates to the martial law situation and adhere to the specified entry requirements to ensure a smooth and compliant entry process.