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Effortless Train Travel from Mukachevo to Košice: Electronic Tickets and Seamless Connections

In a significant stride towards enhancing convenience for Mukachevo to Košice travelers, Ukrzaliznytsia, the Ukrainian Railways, has introduced a hassle-free way to book train tickets. Travelers no longer need to visit international ticket offices or go through cumbersome booking processes. Instead, they can simply open the Ukrzaliznytsia mobile app or visit the website booking.uz.gov.ua, where they can find their desired train, select their preferred seats, and provide the necessary details to secure an electronic ticket instantly. The best part? The ticket price remains unchanged at a reasonable 412 Ukrainian Hryvnias (UAH) for a second-class journey.

This seamless transition to electronic tickets is the result of a close collaboration between Ukrzaliznytsia and their counterparts at Slovak Railways (Železnice Slovenskej republiky). This partnership not only simplifies the booking process but also ensures that passengers have a more efficient and enjoyable travel experience.

Passenger comfort and convenience are at the forefront of this initiative. To further improve the passenger experience, Ukrzaliznytsia and Slovak Railways are constantly analyzing passenger traffic. In the event of an increase in demand, both organizations are committed to expanding seat availability. This approach reflects their dedication to accommodating the needs of travelers, as exemplified by their recent efforts from August 25 to September 12, where seat availability was promptly increased to meet rising demand.

Ukrzaliznytsia and Rail Cargo Austria have signed a memorandum of understanding for the development of intermodal transportation between Ukraine and Austria. The relevant memorandum was signed by the parties on September 14, 2023.

Moreover, this collaboration opens up an array of comfortable travel options for passengers looking to explore not only Slovakia but also the Czech Republic by train, all starting from Mukachevo.

Travelers can embark on their journey from Mukachevo’s “Zakhidna” platform, which serves as the departure point for two daily trains heading towards Slovakia:

  • Train No. 961 Mukachevo to Košice: This train departs from Mukachevo at 14:48, passing through Chop at 16:13/16:50, and arrives at Košice station at 18:17.
  • Train No. 963 Mukachevo – Košice: Departing from Mukachevo at 18:16, this train makes stops at Chop at 19:26/20:06 before reaching its final destination, Košice station, at 21:33.

At Košice station, passengers have the opportunity to make convenient transfers to other destinations:

  • For those heading to Bratislava, there’s the option to transfer to the night train R 614 “Zemplin,” which departs daily from Košice at 23:45 and arrives in the Slovakian capital at 05:33.
  • Passengers traveling to Prague can transfer to the night train EN 442 “Slovakia,” which departs daily from Košice at 22:08 and reaches the Czech capital at 07:38.

In the reverse direction, the following trains operate:

  • Train No. 960 Košice – Mukachevo: This train departs daily from Košice station at 08:46, makes stops at Chop at 12:00/12:40, and arrives at Mukachevo at 14:00.
  • Train No. 962 Košice – Mukachevo: Departing daily from Košice at 11:46, this train passes through Chop at 14:51/15:32 and reaches Mukachevo at 16:53.

To reach Košice station for transfers to trains heading to Mukachevo:

  • For travelers starting their journey in Bratislava, the daytime train IC 521 departs daily from Bratislava at 06:22 and arrives in Košice at 11:04. The nearest train to Mukachevo, No. 962, departs at 11:46.
  • Passengers originating from Prague can opt for the night train EN 443 “Slovakia,” which departs daily from Prague at 22:13 and arrives in Košice at 08:33. The closest train to Mukachevo, No. 960, departs at 08:46.

Travelers should note that boarding for trains to Košice at Mukachevo station takes place from a separate platform. After exiting the station building, a short ten-minute walk to the left leads to the “Zakhidna” platform, where helpful station staff will be available to assist passengers.

With these advancements in electronic ticketing and streamlined travel options, the journey between Mukachevo and Košice has become more accessible and hassle-free than ever before. Ukrzaliznytsia and Slovak Railways are dedicated to providing passengers with a seamless and enjoyable rail travel experience, making cross-border adventures between Ukraine and Slovakia a breeze.