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Boryspil State Enterprise Takes the Lead in ACI Air Traffic Report Ratings

According to the Airport Council International (ACI Europe) assessment for May 2018, Boryspil Airport continued its dynamic increase of passenger traffic and reached a growth rate leading position within the category of large airports.

Servicing from 10 to 25 million passengers and ensuring a 22.2% increase in passenger traffic, Boryspil Airport had managed to reach the top of the rating.

Other airports within the group have also shown a dynamic increase in passenger flow: Vnukovo (+ 16.8%), Athens (+ 15.4%), Warsaw (+ 15.1%) and Budapest (+ 13.4%).

In May, during the UEFA Champions League finals in Kyiv, the airport had reached its personal record, servicing 60,300 passengers (regular and additional charter flights) during the peak period (from 15:00 on May 26th to 15:00 on May 27th), which became an absolute record in comparison to other periods of Boryspil Airport’s activity.