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Aeroflot Increases Alcohol Quantity on Flights as Passengers Consume it Before Takeoff

Russian airline Aeroflot has decided to increase the alcohol load on certain flights as passengers are consuming alcoholic beverages even before takeoff.

More alcohol will be loaded onto the aircraft for business class passengers on flights to Sochi, Istanbul, as well as the Egyptian resorts of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada.

Aeroflot flight attendants have reported that there is a critical shortage of alcohol for business class passengers on these flights, as it runs out on the ground even before takeoff.

Starting from July 18, the Russian airline has begun loading 25 bottles of alcoholic beverages instead of the usual 19 for business class passengers. As a result, the amount of cognac has doubled, whisky has increased by 50%, and white wine has increased by 40% on these flights.

Meanwhile, in the State Duma, there are proposals to prohibit the serving of wines from unfriendly countries such as France, Spain, and Italy on board Russian airlines. Russian lawmakers aim to replace foreign alcohol with “domestic products” and serve it under the label “Russian Wine”.