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Ukrainian railways

Additional Train Services Introduced by Ukrainian Railways on Various Routes

Ukrainian Railways, known as “Укрзалізниця” in Ukrainian, has announced the introduction of additional train services on select routes to accommodate the growing demand for travel. These new services will offer passengers more options to travel between major cities in Ukraine, ensuring convenient and efficient transportation.

The announcement highlights the expansion of train services between several key destinations, including Kyiv to Kryvyi Rih, Lviv to Vorokhta, Odesa to Lviv, Izium and Kharkiv to Lviv, and Dnipro to Lviv. These additions aim to enhance connectivity and provide travelers with flexible travel options.

One of the notable additions is the train service between Kyiv and Kryvyi Rih (train №175/176). The train will operate on specific dates in August, departing from Kryvyi Rih and arriving in Kyiv, and vice versa. Similarly, the train service between Kyiv and Lviv (train №191/192) will operate on a specific date in August, providing a convenient travel option between the two major cities.

The train service between Kyiv and Vorokhta (train №229/230) will operate on alternating days between August and September, catering to travelers seeking to explore the picturesque region. Additionally, the train services connecting Izium, Kharkiv, and Lviv (train №111/63—64/112) as well as Dnipro and Lviv (train №79/80) will offer passengers more travel opportunities throughout September.

The introduction of these additional train services reflects Ukrainian Railways’ commitment to meeting the travel needs of the public. Tickets for these services will gradually become available through the Ukrzaliznytsia app, the official website, chatbots, and ticket counters at railway stations.

With the expansion of train services on various routes, passengers can look forward to increased flexibility and convenience when planning their journeys across Ukraine. These developments are expected to contribute to the enhancement of the country’s transportation infrastructure and facilitate efficient travel for both residents and visitors.