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Vogue UA

Vogue UA Presented the Art Project ART ON THE BATTLEFRONT

ART ON THE BATTLEFRONT is a large-scale virtual exhibition, a reflection of 30 contemporary Ukrainian artists on today. This is the second part of the art project. It was created in partnership with the Natalia Cola Foundation with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine.

The high-profile art project that brings together media, digital and art to support Ukrainians in times of and to raise awareness among the global community about the russian invasion of Ukraine.

The culmination of the second part of the art project will be an exhibition in Vienna’s historic center of at the Albertina Modern housed in the renovated Künstlerhaus. From April 14 to 18, visitors will have an opportunity to explore and purchase artworks. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the women soldier’s rehabilitation fund established by the Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement.

Vogue UA invited 30 Ukrainian artists who created new works especially for the project – from digital art to painting and sculpture. The project brought together Volodymyr Manzhos, Alexey Kondakov, Maria Kulikovska, Vasylyna Vrublevska, Vitalii Kravec, Yelena Yemchuk, Olesia Trofymenko, Vlada Ralko, Bohdan Burenko, Masha Dmitrova, Elizaveta Litovka, Artem Proot, Petro Bevza, Victoria Pidust, Denys Sarazhyn, Nikita Kravtsov, Hanna Zaruma, Olga Stein, Ivan Grabko, Stepan Ryabchenko, Volo Bevza, Yuri Bolsa , Yuriy Sivirin, Julia Beliaeva, Masha Reva, Darina Mikityuk, Dzvinya Podlyashetska, Denys Metelin, Nata Levitasova and Olga Zerno.

The artists’ emotional, subtle works remind us that Ukrainians are fighting on all fronts – military and diplomatic, as well as cultural.

In the first part of the project, twelve artists from around the world united, opposing russian aggression and referring to the traditional culture and unique voice of Ukrainians. For example, Fred Tomaselli integrated the codes of Ukrainian embroidery into images for the front page of The New York Times, Marina Abramovic presented a series of works dealing with the healing of traumas by the totalitarian regime, and Erwin Wurm, Jonathan Meese and Marcel Dzama created works that questioned the political ideology and values of the modern world.