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rocket attack

Rocket Attack Causes Injury to Lioness in Zoo near Kyiv

In a tragic incident resulting from a rocket attack carried out by Russian forces on January 2, the lioness named Yuna, residing at the Wildlife Rescue Center near Kyiv, suffered severe injuries.

Debris from a downed missile fell approximately 300 meters from the lioness’s enclosure, causing a serious concussion and complete loss of coordination, according to the center. “After reviewing the surveillance camera footage, we can confirm that this was not a typical injury, as Yuna did not have a chance to defend herself. She is currently undergoing the necessary treatment, and we remain hopeful for her recovery,” stated the center authorities.

As of 4:00 PM, the mass rocket attack on Kyiv on January 2 resulted in the unfortunate loss of two lives and left 49 people injured. Significant damage occurred, particularly in the Solomianskyi district, where a multi-story building was heavily affected. Additionally, a car dealership and several dozen vehicles were destroyed by fire in the Podil district. In the Pechersk district, missile fragments struck the roof of a nine-story building, and incidents of fire were reported in the Obolonskyi district.

Support the Rescue Center by visiting the following link: https://hau.com.ua/donation.