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Yuliya Paevska

Paramedic Yuliya Paevska (“Tyra”) Became a Laureate of the International Women of Courage Award

Paramedic and volunteer Yulia Paevska (“Tyra”) became a laureate of the International Women of Courage award, presented by the US State Department.

The laureates of the award were also representatives of 10 countries: Afghanistan, Argentina, Central African Republic, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia and Poland.

“Yulia “Tyra” Paevska demonstrated extraordinary moral and physical courage while defending Ukraine from merciless Russian aggression,” the department emphasized.

The State Department also recalled that the Russian military captured Yulia Paevska when she tried to evacuate women and children from Mariupol, although she was clearly a civilian. Tyra spent three months in captivity, where she lived in a tiny cell with 22 other women, lost almost 9 kilograms, suffered torture and beatings.

The award ceremony will take place on March 8 at the White House. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and US First Lady Jill Biden will host the event.

The International Women of Courage Award has been awarded to women from around the world for the 17th year in a row.