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Hoteliero Club Business Breakfast in Premier Palace Hotel

On March 14, Sofiyivsky Grand Hall of Premier Palace Hotel hosted the business breakfast of the Hoteliero Club, which was opened by Alexey Metelsky, the head of the sales and marketing department of Premier Palace Hotel. Alexey shared with the guests of the Club the experience in hotels and restaurants operation during the Eurovision Song Contest: “Eurovision is a contest founded as an image project for European countries. It was not created for the audience in concert hall. 2 common properties of Eurovision in all countries are a bright scene and a dark hall. When in 2004-2005 we were told that there would be queues from the guests – it was not true. In 2017 it also will not occur.

149468528058cab9c450997The European Broadcasting Union does not guarantee the tourists that snap up tickets in the hall. The boom can be expected only in the finals. But do not forget that there are only 9,000 seats in the hall. Part of the people of this amount will come for 2-3 days. Speaking of restaurants, I would recommend strongly not to raise prices, since they are already familiar and comfortable for foreign visitors. Guests may not understand if prices will rise several times. This can affect the overall image of the country. At the same time, a high level of hospitality can provide a positive impact on reviews about Ukraine on “word of mouth”.

Our task is to show that we are open for communication, we have what to show in Ukraine and everyone can have business with us.” Recall that Premier Hotels and Resorts is a longtime partner of Hoteliero Club for the various specialized events for professionals of restaurant and hotel business.

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