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Europe’s Cheapest City Break Destination

A new study by the financial comparison company money.co.uk has revealed Europe’s cheapest city break destination for those looking to enjoy a city break. 

Istanbul is revealed as Europe’s cheapest city break destination for a city break, with the Turkish city averaging out at just over £68 in total. The city is well known for being a historical and cultural hub, where visitors can enjoy some of the top sights such as the top-rated attraction Dolmabahce Palace for less than £6.50. Other affordable destinations include the Greek city Thessaloniki and the German city of Berlin, with the average cost of a break in each of the cities setting you back just over £78.82 and £87.25, respectively. Whilst the cost of travel and a glass of wine will cost you more in Berlin compared to Thessaloniki, a visit to the top-rated attraction is free meaning you can save yourself some money when looking to take in the sights. 

Italy is also home to five of the top 20 most affordable city breaks, with the southern city of Naples being the fifth cheapest break costing travellers just over £99 in total for a break. Other cities also featuring as the most affordable include Bologna, Milan and Florence where a break will set you back between £116 and £135. The capital city, Rome, is the most costly Italian city break at just over £140 in total.