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12 Most Expensive European City Break Destinations

A new study by the financial comparison company money.co.uk has revealed the most expensive European city break destinations for those looking to enjoy a city break. 

Dublin tops the list as the most expensive city break, with an average night’s stay setting you back an eye-watering £252.88. The city is known for being one of the pricier cities to visit, with the cost of travel for 24-hours setting you back £8.43 and a visit to the top-rated attraction in the city being over £20. Meanwhile, in the UK, whilst you might expect London to come out as the priciest city break, it’s Edinburgh taking the top spot for UK cities – with a visit costing an average of over £229, followed by Manchester coming in at an average of £208.45. 

Europe’s cheapest city break destination for those looking to enjoy a city break. 

Making up the rest of the top ten most expensive city breaks are Zurich, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo and Geneva. The Scandinavian destinations do have a reputation of being on the most costly side, whilst a visit to a top attraction might be more affordable than some other cities, a glass of wine could cost you just under £10 in Oslo. 

12 most expensive European city break destinations:
  1. Dublin, Ireland
  2. Prague, Czech Republic
  3. Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  4. Manchester, United Kingdom
  5. Zurich, Switzerland
  6. London, United Kingdom
  7. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark
  9. Oslo, Norway
  10. Geneva, Switzerland
  11. Seville, Spain
  12. Bristol, United Kingdom