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  • The Worst Countries for Retirement in Europe


    According to Our Life Plan’s research, the United Kingdom is one the worst countries in Europe when it comes to preparing millennials for retirement. Switzerland and Lithuania are the only European countries that rank worse than the UK but not by much. Overall, Switzerland scores 4.56, Lithuania scores 5.54, whilst…

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  • WTTC Report Saw U.S. Travel & Tourism Labor Shortfall of Almost 700,000 in 2021


    A new analysis of staff shortages by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), which represents the global private Travel & Tourism sector, reveals the sector realized a U.S. labor shortfall of almost 700,000 workers during 2021. According to the report, the outlook for 2022 is only slightly more positive,…

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  • Drink-Driving Laws Around the World

    worst countries

    Drink and drug driving is an extremely dangerous offence that can carry a hefty penalty for offenders. But research shows that some countries are stricter than others when it comes to blood alcohol content (BAC) limits. Though that’s not surprising, with countries such as South Africa seeing over half (58%) of…

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  • Number of Turkish and Arab Tourists Doubled in Ukraine

    Lviv ukraine

    Ukraine received more than 3 million tourists in the January-September period, an increase of 12.6% compared to last year. While the most tourists came to the country from Moldova with 744,630, Russia took second place with 411,373 tourists, and Poland took third place with 209,039 tourists.  Arab tourists due to…

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  • The Most Searched Universities

    oxford University

    As universities themselves can be as much of a draw as the country they’re located in, we also took the top 2,000 ranked universities in the world according to the Center for World University Rankings for 2021-22, to see which are being searched for the most.   Arguably one of the…

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  • The Most Popular Countries to Study Abroad

    Study Abroad

    Taking your studies overseas for part, or all, of your course can be one of the most exciting prospects of student life. Opening you up to an entirely new culture, new people and a new way of life all while mastering your chosen subject. For many students, this has also…

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  • France Changed Health Passes Conversion Rules


    Since the introduction of the health passport in France, visitors who were vaccinated outside the EU have needed to convert their vaccine certificates to a format that is compatible with the French system. Travellers from countries outside the EU and the EEA will no longer be eligible to convert their…

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  • Top 10 Cheapest Countries


    Some countries are often perceived as more expensive, or more affordable than others. But where in the world is truly the most affordable, and where can a set amount of money last the longest? Which countries are the cheapest countries? In the current climate making sure the money in your…

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