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  • What Countries Are Doing to Slow the Coronavirus Outbreak


    The COVID-19 coronavirus has spread to more than 100 countries with well over 169,000 confirmed cases. COVID-19 has now been characterized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus explained: “Pandemic is not a word to use lightly or carelessly. It is a word…

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  • World’s Most Polluted Cities

    most polluted cities

    Air pollution will take an estimated seven million lives globally in the next year.  Air pollution causing far-reaching health effects, including asthma, lung cancer and heart disease. It is had also been associated with low birth weight, increased acute respiratory infections and stroke. Airborne particulate matter can originate from a…

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  • Kyiv International Airport Introduces Online Duty-Free

    Kyiv International Airport

    Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport has introduced on its website a new service for pre-ordering goods in its DutyFree shops. DutyFree online is an opportunity to learn about the assortment of goods, get a discount, and make a pre-order directly on the site. Find out everything in advance, plan time,…

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  • What Happens to Unattended Baggage at the Airport?


    Leaving a bag or suitcase unsupervised—even for a few minutes—triggers a security alert. It’s an announcement you’re likely to hear at the airport: “Baggage and personal items should not be left unattended. Any unattended items found will be treated as suspicious.” At an airport, a piece of luggage is considered…

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  • How Much Water Should You Drink on a Flight?

    Airlines Carbon Emissions

    Did you know that your body loses more water on a plane than on the ground? If you are going on a long flight, it is best to think about hydration in advance. “At high altitudes, air is dryer and the oxygen content is lower. This is why, for every…

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  • Thailand Cancels Visas for Ukrainians


    From April 14, 2019, citizens of Ukraine will be able to travel to the Kingdom of Thailand for tourist purposes without visas. Travelers should have a travel passport (biometric or non-biometric) and the period of visa-free travel will be up to 30 days. To stay in Thailand for a period…

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  • Henley Passport Index 2019

    In a resounding demonstration of Asia’s growing power and influence on the world stage, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea now hold joint top spot on the Henley Passport Index, with a visa-free/visa-on-arrival score of 189. These latest results consolidate 12 months of Asian dominance, after Japan first climbed to the…

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  • International Travel Outperforming Economic Growth


    In 2018, the number of outbound trips increased by 5.5 per cent, resulting in 1.4 billion international trips. Hence, once again tourism is a key growth driver of the global economy, which “only” grew by 3.7 per cent in comparison. Growth is coming from all regions worldwide, also from the…

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