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Tereshchenko Palace

Aviation Museum Will Be Built in the Tereshchenko Palace

Descendants of the Tereshchenko family plan to create an aviation museum in the 19th-century palace in Chervonoy, Zhytomyr Oblast. 

Olena Tereshchenko, head of the board of the Tereshchenko Heritage Foundation, told the correspondent of Ukrinform about this.

“The palace in Krasnoye is unique. Zhytomyr Oblast was incredibly lucky to have it, and our task is to return it to the state and create an aviation museum there. We already have a preliminary agreement with the Museum of the Formation of the Ukrainian Nation, which is ready to join and help Zhytomyr Oblast,” Tereshchenko said.

According to her, the Tereshchenko Heritage Foundation is counting on the support of patrons interested in creating a museum of aviation specialists and attracting grants.

According to her, the Tereshchenko Legacy Foundation also relies on the support of interested patrons, experts in aircraft construction, and grant funds.

Today it is known that the owner of the estate Fedir Fedorovych built an airfield in the Red Aircraft Workshop. Foreign workers and workers from the surrounding villages helped him in this.

One of the first female pilots, Lyubov Golanchikova, tested the planes at the Tereshchenkos. It is known that Petro Nesterov and Igor Sikorskyi helped Fedorovych. Gradually, a factory was created from Tereshchenko’s workshops, which was moved to France when the family emigrated.