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85% of Ukrainians Have Abandoned Russian Content

A recent study determined the level of the Ukrainian audience’s ability to critically perceive information and use media.

According to the research results, over the past year, from 69% to 85% of Ukrainians in 2023 completely rejected media products of Russian origin.

Additionally, the audience started consuming Ukrainian-produced media content 50.3% more frequently. The number of respondents who preferred domestic content even before 2023 was 32%.

Last year, 39.5% of Ukrainians became more interested in television materials dedicated to history and cultural topics.

Ukrainians have started to watch, listen to, and read materials dedicated to Ukrainian history and culture more frequently. This accounts for 39.5% of the audience (including those who were doing so previously – over 78%).

More Ukrainians have also become interested in content related to socio-political topics (up by 27.4%) and materials from military experts (up by 44.3%).

The trend of commercial search queries in Ukrainian continues to grow. Currently, the share of search queries in Ukrainian stands at 25.8%.

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