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Best Hotels in Iași

10 Best Hotels in Iași

The Romanian city of Iași is considered one of the most convenient routes to reach Ukraine. Traveling always involves the risk of unforeseen circumstances, and a slight delay at any stage can disrupt the timing of the entire route. If you prefer not to take the risk and travel directly from the train to the plane, spending a night in Iași is a viable option. We checked the hospitality market and chose the 10 best hotels in Iasi to stay.

The city offers almost four hundred accommodation options, and the prices are quite pleasant. What stands out is the high ratings for most of the available options.

For instance, a night in a hostel room in the city center typically ranges from 20 to 30 euros. Prices for three-star hotels start from 35 euros, while four-star options begin from 60 euros. A night in a unique five-star hotel in Iași will cost around 120 euros.

The 10 best hotels in Iași to stay:

Iași can be considered a fully-fledged tourist destination, providing an excellent option for flying to another country in the absence of civilian air travel in Ukraine during the ongoing conflict initiated by Russia.

If you find yourself in Iași for a day or two, you will undoubtedly discover places to stay, stroll and enjoy some local cuisine.