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The Cheapest Mediterranean Destinations

New research has revealed the top 10 cheapest Mediterranean destinations for a coastal getaway, with Oran taking the top spot. 

Financial experts at Gambling ‘N Go analyzed the average cost of several factors in each major Mediterranean city, including flights from any London airport, hotels, and a mid-range restaurant for two people. A score out of 100 was given to each city based on the cost of each factor to determine the ranking.

In first place on the list of the cheapest Mediterranean city for a coastal getaway is Oran, taking a final score of 94.9. The city is considered to be Algerian’s capital of parties and music – and given that it costs an average of £1.04 for a beer, you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife without breaking the bank. As well as this, return flights to Oran cost an average of £87; so, you can fly there for a low price and visit some of the beautiful beaches surrounding the city, like Les Andaluz beach. 

Taking the second spot is Port Said in Egypt which has a final score of 90.3. The city is famous for its seafood, so it’s a fantastic city to visit for those who enjoy the flavours of the sea – especially with it being the cheapest city for dining out with a restaurant for two costing just £10.80 on average. 

Also standing on the podium in third place is Algiers with a score of 88. The capital of Algeria offers various museums to explore the culture, including the Antiquities and Islamic Art, and you won’t spend too much getting around the city to explore as it costs an average of just 30p per km travelled in a taxi. 

The capital of Tunisia, Tunis, places fourth in the ranking with a score of 87. One of the many attractions here is the Medina of Tunis, the oldest part of the city, boasting stunning architecture and markets to find souvenirs – and it’s the cheapest city for hotels, so you can stay here for an average of £333 for seven nights.  

Fifth on the list is Tangier in Morocco, taking a score of 82.5. The city’s cheapest factors were the price of hotels and a restaurant for two, so soak up the culture by eating traditional Moroccan dishes such as maakouda, a fried mashed potato dumpling which is a popular street food. Spend the day under the sunshine at Tangier beach, and even finish the day off by the promenade where you will discover plenty of bars. 

In sixth place is Egypt’s capital Alexandria, which has a score of 82.3. There’s plenty to see in Alexandria, including the stunning Montazah Gardens and the Citadel of Qaitbay – so the low cost of taxis at just 13p per km travelled will prove useful for exploring. 

Taking the seventh spot is Izmir, a city in western Turkey, with a score of 81.9. Be sure to visit Konak Square in the centre of the city where you’ll find cafes, shops, and restaurants nearby, or you can catch a ferry at the eastern part of the square for breath-taking views of Izmir. 

Following closely behind in eighth place is Mersin, also in Turkey, with a score of 81.8. The city has a cheap price for dining out with a restaurant for two costing just £15.50 on average. So, make sure to have an authentic Turkish experience and try Mersin’s speciality Tantuni, a spicy street food dish consisting of spicy beef with tomatoes, onion, and parsley wrapped in thin bread. 

Next on the list in the ninth spot is Antalya, one of Turkey’s best beach destinations, with a score of 79.6. Lara beach in particular is one of the city’s most attractive beaches, known for its clear water and being exceptionally clean – but it also has lots of restaurants and bars to visit offering both a lively and a relaxing atmosphere, depending on your preference. 

Taking the final spot on the list is Istanbul, the fourth Turkish city in the top 10, which has a score of 77.7. Indulge in the city’s history by visiting attractions such as the Topkapi Palace which dates all the way back to the 15th century. Alternatively, spend a relaxing day at Florya beach where you can enjoy seafront dining.