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241 Beaches in Cyprus May Go Underwater

Researchers from the Aegean University have attempted to determine how many beaches in Cyprus could be underwater by the end of the 21st century due to climate change.

Using satellite images, the researchers identified 241 “vulnerable” beaches, mostly narrow sandy strips. Their erosion is accelerated by rising sea levels and strong storms, as reported by turist.delfi.

The scientists calculated the sea level rise along the coastline under different concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, as well as the frequency and intensity of storms in various climate scenarios. It was found that even under an optimistic forecast, 29% of the “vulnerable” beaches will be underwater by 2050, and by 2100, this number will reach 72%. Under the worst-case scenario, all of these beaches will be submerged.

The calculations showed that the southern and western coasts of Cyprus will be the most affected by climate change, experiencing the highest sea level rise.

To prevent this catastrophe, scientists are calling for immediate strengthening of the coastline. If the Cypriot authorities do not take appropriate measures to reinforce the coastal line in the near future, not only beaches but also hotels and other infrastructure nearby will suffer from climate change. The flow of tourists to Cyprus will have to be forgotten.