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  • SkyUp Opened Ticket Selling from Ukraine


    Starting March 20, 2020, SkyUp Airlines will operate a series of non-scheduled commercial special flights to allow Ukrainians and foreigners with a residency permit to return home from abroad. On each direction a single tariff is fixed. Tickets are already available on the airline’s website and in the agent network. How the…

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  • Special Train Kyiv-Riga-Kyiv to Depart Tomorrow


    O One special train Kyiv-Riga-Kyiv is scheduled for residents of Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine to return home. On March 21 the train will depart from Kyiv at 13:20 and on March 22 the train will depart from Riga to Kyiv at 19:40. All passengers must have valid travel documents. As well as…

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  • UIA Suspends All International Flights

    uia Ukraine International

    Based on the decision of the Government of Ukraine to temporarily ban foreigners from entering Ukraine so that to counter the spread of Covid-19 in Ukraine, Ukraine International suspends all international scheduled flights from 00:00 am on March 17 through March 31, 2020, that is, by the end of winter…

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  • Airlines Suspend Flights in Ukraine

    Following the policies introduced by the Governments of some countries to prevent further spread of COVID-19, airlines adjust flight schedules. Ukrainian low-cost SkyUp Airlines makes temporary changes to the flight programs. Until April 16, 2020, the frequency of flights between Zaporizhzhia – Tel Aviv – Zaporizhzhia will be temporarily reduced.…

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  • Ukraine Announces Nationwide Quarantine


    Ukraine announces nationwide quarantine as a prevention measure. Measures include a three-week lockdown of all educational institutions, as reported by the Government press service. Kyiv has 1,200 testing kits for coronavirus, and is expecting to have 5,000 by the end of the week. The kits have been distributed to seven…

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  • Ukraine International Adjusts Schedule

    uia Ukraine International

    In response to quarantine measures introduced by the Governments of some countries following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, Ukraine International adjusts flight schedule on several routes. Italy The airline decided to suspend Kyiv – Venice flights between March 12 and April 12. Passengers may leave Italy on the…

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  • Kharkiv Airport Increased Its Passenger Flow by 57%

    Kharkiv Airport

    In February 2020, 103.4 thousand people used the services of Kharkiv Airport. The passenger flow saw a 57% rise compared to the same period last year. Within the month, airlines performed 421 flights from Kharkiv Airport. The most popular destinations were Sharm El-Sheikh, Istanbul, Kyiv, Kraków, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Vienna, Wrocław.

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  • SkyUp Suspends Flights to Turin

    Now in Italy, the largest number of the coronavirus COVID-19 cases in Europe is reported. Neither the WHO nor the international and national competent authorities recommend stopping communication with Italy, and the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry advises to temporarily refrain from traveling only in the provinces of the Italian regions of…

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