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4 European Countries That Allow Ukrainians to Stay More Than 90 Days

Ukrainians can stay in the EU for 90 days during six months. However, Croatia, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania allow extending this period of stay.

If a citizen of Ukraine does not plan to apply for temporary protection status in one of the EU countries, he can go to the above-mentioned countries and stay there for another 90 days within 180 days. That is, you can stay in Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania or Cyprus for 90 days for tourist purposes, this is counted separately from other European countries that have signed the Schengen agreement.

The period of stay of Ukrainians with a biometric passport in Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania or Cyprus will not be taken into account when calculating the period of 90 days, and the 90/180 day rule works for each state separately. For example, you can go first to Bulgaria for 90 days, then to Croatia for three months, and then go to Spain for 90 days, which will not be considered a violation of the period of stay.